Cutting cheese with this Grip-Ez Hand-held Cheese Slicer makes it impossible to not slice cheese with ease to make cooking a breeze. Your hand will not tire or cramp and is designed for right and left hand use. Great for making cheese trays, quick lunch served with crackers or favorite recipe.

The Grip-Ez line offers a soft, comfortable santoprene rubber handle allowing for a stronger grip while preventing hand fatigue and cramping.  Santoprene is a high quality rubber that provides comfort, safety and durability to the broad selection of items in the Grip-Ez line. Other outstanding benefits include soft touch, non-slip surface even when wet. Santoprene is resistant to perspiration, oil and highly durable under a wide range of temperatures. It will never change in texture and remains flexible at cold temperatures, yet firm at high temperatures.

Its over-sized handle and finger indents give a great hold without strain and keeps hands clear of the tool functional surface. The strong durable rubber in conjunction with the high quality stainless steel used in Grip-Ez tools gives long lasting resistance to wear for continued use.

Grip-EZ Cheese Slicer (available mid September)

    • Heavy-duty cast aluminum frames
    • Stainless steel slicing wire
    • Allows firm, easy grip with non-slip ergonomic Santoprene handle design
    • Large tapered hang hole
    • Portable, take along on picnics, family parties
    • Makes an excellent gift for holidays, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries
    • Finger indents ensure a safe grip even when wet
    • Dishwasher safe
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