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This Common Mistake Can Ruin Your Cheese Board

Whether you prefer a last-minute snack platter or full-blown charcuterie, it's undeniable that cheese boards have become very popular. Cheese boards are simple to assemble and even easier to consume, and fortunately for every quarantined household, they're super sharable. But that's all for naught if you're using only one knife. Think about it. The entire point of a cheese plate is to celebrate individual cheese flavors. Yes, there's an emphasis on pairing slices and globs of cheese with fruit, meat, and crackers, but never cheese mixing. Do you really want to get bleu mixed up in your brie? At the end of the day, the two most important things are to be able to cut the cheese safely and to keep each knife to its own cheese, so as not to mix the flavors cutting all the cheeses with the same knife is the same as cutting up strawberries with the same knife you just used to cut up garlic, or onions. The flavors transfer, even more so when you are dealing with a product like cheese that can cling to the knife. A well-balanced cheese plate will have drastically different cheeses, and depending on the cheese's texture, your go-to cheese knife may not be the best match. You will know which knives cut cheese easier and neater creating a more appetizing presentation.

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