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Solid Cherry Gourmet Charcuterie Cutting Board Appalachian Hardwood

Use your creativity to display delicious Thanksgiving Day appetizers!

This beautiful reddish-brown golden hue Cherry Charcuterie is handmade with a handle cut into one end. It is finished with the artisan’s own special blend of mineral oil and beeswax for food safe use on both sides. This mixture adds a beautiful luster to the board and is more durable than oil alone. Easy to display on the kitchen counter propped diagonal or horizontal. Proudly American Made in West Virginia.

Great ideas to arrange foods on your board for entertaining guests or family: My suggestion would be to keep it simple. Add little pops of color, but nothing too busy. Arrange olives, almonds, pesto, pistachios and fresh sliced cheddars white and/or yellow, fan them around small sliced meant and crackers or miniature slices of bread. Don’t forget the fruit; a few thinly cut slices of pear, apple and grapes.

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