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Running out of ideas for a hostess gift can be challenging. We've all been there. This is a unique gift idea and will be used for years! Exotic Cherry Wenge Bloodwood Cheese Slicer

Bloodwood is an exotic wood that is sometimes referred to as cardinal wood, for its obvious beautiful deep rose color. With age its color does darken, but not significantly Bloodwood is an exotic South American import that continues to grow in popularity here in the states. It’s dark, savory red tones the vivid color is always eye catching. Bloodwood, also commonly known as Cardinal Wood, due to its beautiful, rich rose color. As it ages, the color deepens. Wenge superbly showcases a deep and rich chocolate brown that is interwoven with black lines. The Cherry wood in this board enhances the Bloodwood as it blends well creating a warm, rich appearance. The stunning color combination compliments any kitchen décor and provides an exceptional gift for any special occasion. 

Made in the USA

Includes a complimentary replacement wire

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