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Pre Autumn Newsletter

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

September has arrived; summer is slowly fading away each day. I’m gidddy at the thought of steaming hot cocoa, cozy socks, and sweet relief from the heat and humidity of summer.

While the turning of each season is a chance to shake things up a bit, fall feels like a particularly good time to hit pause and take a breath. It’s a busy season, yes, but there are so many simple pleasures to treasure, and I for one don’t want it to pass by in such a blur that I forget to notice them. The leaves may not be turning quite yet, but it’s never too early to lean into comfort—the soft textures, warm scents, and spicy flavors that are a salve to my frazzled mind and always helps a house to feel spectacular! A little luxury never hurts either, so this week's favorite things are all about getting into pure cozy mode as we ponder Autumn hobbies and holiday gift ideas. Woodworkers are already at work with their crafts creating one-of-a-kind beautiful works of art for craft shows, the holidays and other upcoming special occasions. The time is never too early to begin, so there is no hustle and bustle or running out of products that are needed for your beautiful creations. has already begun the process of inventory check-in so that you can start early. Take a peek at these adorable cheese spreaders and various accessories to accommodate your gifts and Hardware to start your projects.

Fall Leaves Resin Cheese Spreaders--Set of 4

Autumn Pumpkin Spreader

Owls Resin Cheese Spreaders--Set of 4

Quarterback Spreaders

Silver Leaf Spreaders—Set of 2

Colorful Cheese Knives Set

Happy Shopping!

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