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Feta Cheese Zucchini Quiche – A Scrumptious Classic French Dish

  • When shopping for zucchini, be sure they are all the same size to cook in uniform.

  • The feta cheese crumbles well with the eggs.

  • Greek feta is in a block form, and I found it easier to work with and with a lot more flavor.

  • Beat medium sized eggs and feta cheese together.

  • Use a deep dish pie tart for baking this wonderful zucchini recipe.

  • When using a pie pan, ensure the borders are high enough for the egg-milk or cream mixture not to overflow.

  • You can substitute the heavy cream with whole milk. Add a fit of flour (1 tablespoon) to thicken the cream.

  • Protect the crust of the quiche with a pie cover or aluminum foil.

  • Pre-cook the pie shell according to the packaging direction. Do the same if you choose to make your pie shell.

  • You can also make this a crustless quiche; however, grease the pie dish well, or it will stick, and use heavy cream instead of milk. Add a bit more flour so it will solidify.

  • Place the pie dish on a cookie sheet in the middle of the rack to eliminate unwanted spilling in your oven. Enjoy!!

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