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Entire long cutting arm assembly with BLACK C-shaped metal bar and black handle. for slicer models WPR-805B
Includes long BLACK cutting arm (C-shaped metal bar), BLACK plastic handle with aluminum dowel, long cutting wire, and set screw.
Recommended configuration and assembly instructions to create your own cheese slicer board:
  1. Choose material (wood or stone) 1/2 to 1 inch thick, at least 5-3/4 inches deep, and 7 inches wide

  2. Mark a spot 1/4 inch from surface and 5 inches from the front edge of the board

  3. At the spot marked in step 2, drill 1/4 to 17/64 inch hole drilled parallel to cutting surface, 3-7/8 inches deep; A 1/4 inch hole will give a tighter fit for the cutting arm; a 17/64 inch hole will give a looser fit

  4. Cut an angled groove 1/16 - 3/32 inch wide cutting groove, 3 inches from right edge, 5/8 inch deep in back, 1/16 inch deep in front; groove must fully intersect the hole drilled in step 3

  5. Insert wire into the groove so that one loop is located where the hole is drilled

  6. Insert the longer end of the cutting arm into the hole, passing it through the loop in the wire

  7. Turn the handle away from the board to tighten the wire

  8. Tighten the set screw into the metal bar

  9. Gently work bar either into or out of the base until the wires is aligned with the cutting slot

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