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Chocolates are delicious for Valentine's Day, but these beautiful cheese slicers are eye candy!

Be Still My Heart SKU: DC-BWPH

The creativeness of this beautiful cheese slicer is a work of art. The intricate collaboration of Blood Wood, Purple Heart, Oak, Zebra Wood and Fiddle Back Maple is one of a kind perfection. This board is the conversation starter for the special home party that you have been planning, and the perfect gift for the most meticulous person that you know. Indulge with the finest exotic woods.

Rich Royalty Purpleheart and Cherry

Purpleheart and Cherry complement each other with impeccable warm tones in this superb wooden cheese slicer creation and is the perfect size for cutting and serving your favorite cheeses.
This cheese board is exclusively made of beautiful Cherry and Purpleheart woods with black hardware. This beautiful cheese board would be an excellent selection for any occasion. It is a definite conversation piece while performing its function of slicing most any type of cheese.
In ancient times, many believed Purpleheart wood harbors important spiritual qualities and enhanced  creative energy, knowledge and assists in healing and eliminated negative energies and tension in the home.
Complimentary stainless steel wire and 2 ounce bottle of mineral oil with purchase
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