Compliment your kitchen decor with our delightful stainless steel or pewter or zinc cheese spreaders. These are perfect for cheese spread on bread or crackers, but also are great for butter, jams, and much more. They make a perfect gift for any occasion and are great conversation starters. Featured here are the Pineapple, Golf Clubs and Treble Clef spreaders.

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Golf Clubs Zinc Spreaders--Set of 2
Entertain in style with unique cheese accessories
Item No. HSP-0731
2.   Treble Clef Zinc Spreaders--Set of 2
Cheese is music to the soul
Item No. HSP-0750
3.   Pineapple Zinc Spreaders--Set of 2
Pineapples are delicious to pair with your favorite sharp cheese
Item No. HSP-0770
4.   Quarterback Spreaders
Score with these amazing football spreaders
Item No. HSP-SP5512
5.   Harvest DellaRobbia Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Pewter-tone hand-painted turkey spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP53259
6.   Diamond Clear Spreader–Set of 2
Stylish set of glass handle spreaders
Item No. HSP-00705
Sale $7.95
7.   Juicy Grapes Spreaders – Set of 4
Handles are colorful grapes
Item No. HSP-5009
8.   Go Golfing Resin Spreaders – Set of 4
Hand painted white golf balls
Item No. HSP-5091
Sale $7.95
9.   Night Before Christmas Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Whimsical spreaders featuring characters from the Night Before Christmas story
Item No. HBW-SP01900
10.   Nutcracker Spreaders--Set of 4
Perfect for the holiday season
Item No. HBW-SP47982
11.   Flags Flying Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted flag spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP21739
12.   Gourmet Wine and Cheese Design Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with wine bottle, grapes, and cheese designs
Item No. HBW-SP12687
13.   Picnic Party Watermelon Spreaders--Set of 4
Great for beach parties and any picnic gathering
Item No. HBW-SP32402
Sale $6.95
14.   Juicy Olives Spreaders—Set of 4
Realistic hand-painted resin handle spreaders
Item No. HSP-5150
Sale $7.95
15.   Snowy Owls Spreaders–Set of 4
Adorable ceramic snowy owls
Item No. HBW-SP21169
Sale $5.95
16.   Vintage Wine Cork Spreaders Set of 4
4 assorted wine cork spreaders
Item No. HSP-5197
17.   Silver Leaf Spreaders—Set of 2
Stylish silver leaf spreaders
Item No. HSP-00786
18.   Say Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted spreaders depicting various cheeses
Item No. HSP-5222
19.   Let's Go Out To The Ballgame Spreader
Item No. HSP-5513
20.   Juicy Key Lime Spreader
Colorful lime spreaders
Item No. HSP-5507
21.   Metal Handle Cheese Spreaders With Grape Design
Metal handles with grape and leaf design
Item No. HSP-00102
22.   Grape Spreaders, Set of 2
Timeless and elegant
Item No. HSP-00746
23.   Sweater Snowman Spreaders Set of 4
Four cheese knife/spreaders feature fun Christmas themed handles
Item No. HBW-SP11131
24.   Red & Green Chili Pepper Spreader
Hand-painted chili pepper spreaders
Item No. HSP-5502
25.   Autumn Pumpkin Spreader
Autumn Pumpkin trio sold singly
Item No. HSP-5625
26.   Cheese Wedges Cheese Spreaders—Set of 2
Larger spreaders with realistic cheese wedge handles
Item No. HBW-SP48863
Sale $8.95
27.   Tea Time Spreaders–Set of 4
Whimsical, floral teapot spreaders
Item No. HSP-5172
28.   Vino Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Life-like Vino wine cork, Blu Cheese, Grapes, cheese barrels
Item No. HSP-5223
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