Elegant, Yet Inexpensive Hand-Held Cheese Accessories

Experience the ease and well-crafted design of our hand-held cheese slicers and cheese knives. Easy, quick and fun ways of adding cheese to your crackers or your favorite breads. Have a late night snack without worrying about sharp, hard to manage knives!

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Cheese Knives with Polished Wood Handles, Set of 3
Polished wood handles with stainless steel blades
Item No. HPR-K3A
Sale $6.95
2.   Cutting Wire for Say Cheese Deluxe Wire Cheese Slicer
For Deluxe Hand-Held Wire Cheese Slicer HPR-40H.
Item No. CW-40H
3.   Endurance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives
Set of 5 polished stainless steel cheese knives
Item No. HRS-NIVE5
4.   Grip-EZ Cheese Slicer
Firm, easy grip with non-slip ergonomic Santoprene handle
Item No. HNP-EZ170
5.   Grip-EZ Handle Cheese Plane
The perfect tool for slicing slivers of cheese
Item No. HNP-EZ125
6.   Hand-Held Chrome-Plated Cheese Slicer
Well-designed, portable hand-held cheese slicer
7.   Professional Adjustable Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer with Extra Wire
Experience the ease and well crafted design of this hand-held cheese slicer.
Item No. HNP-316
Sale $11.95
8.   Spare Cutting Wire for Professional Adjustable Cheese Slicer
For HNP-316 slicer
Item No. CW-316
9.   Be Thankful Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Set of 4 festive autumn spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP69321
10.   Flags Flying Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted flag spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP21739
11.   Sugary Sweet Spreader Set
Set of 4 holday candy-handled spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP21440
12.   Hanukkah Spreader Set--Set of 4
Set of 4 colorful Chanukkah spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP02575
Sale $6.95
13.   Nutcracker Spreaders--Set of 4
Perfect for the holiday season
Item No. HBW-SP47992
14.   On The Rocks Spreaders--Set of 4
Delightful spreaders feature penguins
Item No. HBW-SP35765
15.   Fox Run Cheese Knife
Holes in blade keep cheese from sticking to knife. Unique cheese knife
Item No. HFR-6615
16.   Fox Run Wooden Handled Cheese Plane
Stainless steel cheese plane with hardwood handle
Item No. HFR-5034
17.   Assorted Cheeses Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted spreaders depicting various cheeses
Item No. HSP-5015
18.   Breakfast Items Spreaders—Set of 4
4 hand-painted spreaders featuring breakfast items
Item No. HBW-SP12137
19.   Cheese Design Beaded Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with beaded cheese design
Item No. HBW-SP12276
20.   Dice Casino Spreaders—Set of 4
Adorable dice spreaders
Item No. HSP-5058
21.   Flamingo & Friends Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Enchant with a tropical flair
Item No. HBW-SP49361
22.   Gingerbread Man Spreaders—Set of 4
4 gingerbread men--sugar and spice
Item No. HBW-SP32545
23.   Go Golfing Resin Spreaders – Set of 4
Hand painted white golf balls
Item No. HSP-5091
24.   Gourmet Wine and Cheese Design Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with wine bottle, grapes, and cheese designs
Item No. HBW-SP12687
25.   Grip EZ Cheese Knife
Slice cheese with ease
Item No. HNP-560
26.   Guy Buffet Waiter Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with Guy Buffet waiter design
Item No. HBW-SP12169
27.   Harvest DellaRobbia Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Pewter-tone hand-painted turkey spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP53259
28.   Harvest Table Spreaders--Set of 4
Perfect for autumn entertaining or gifts
Item No. HBW-SP71131
29.   Juicy Key Lime Spreader
Colorful lime spreaders
Item No. HSP-5507
30.   Juicy Olives Spreaders – Set of 4
Realistic hand-painted resin handle spreaders
Item No. HSP-5150
31.   Let It Snow Spreaders--Set of 4
4 delightful snowman spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP45752
32.   Let's Go Out To The Ballgame Spreader
Item No. HSP-5513
33.   Let’s Make a Toast Margarita Spreaders–Set of 4
Whimsical margarita cheese spreaders
Item No. HSP-5167
34.   Merry Men Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
4 delightful snowman spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP43391
Sale $6.95
35.   Metal Handle Cheese Spreaders With Grape Design
Metal handles with grape and leaf design
Item No. HSP-00102
Sale $12.95
36.   Night Before Christmas Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Whimsical spreaders featuring characters from the Night Before Christmas story
Item No. HBW-SP01900
37.   No Bones About It Spreaders—Set of 4
4 hand-painted dog spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP73930
38.   Picnic Party Watermelon Spreaders--Set of 4
Great for beach parties and any picnic gathering
Item No. HBW-SP32402
39.   Quarterback Spreaders
Score with these amazing football spreaders
Item No. HSP-SP5512
40.   Smile and Say Cheese Happy Faces Cheese Knife and Fork Set
3 cheese knives and a cheese fork with cute faces
Item No. HPR-K4F
Sale $15.95
41.   Snowy Owls Spreaders–Set of 4
Adorable ceramic snowy owls
Item No. HBW-SP21169
42.   Spicy Chili Peppers Spreader–Set of 4
Realistic hand-painted chili pepper spreaders
Item No. HSP-5001
43.   Summer Pops Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Add excitement for your picnic table
Item No. HBW-SP15603
44.   Sunshine Sandals Spreaders--Set of 4
Great for beach parties and any summer gathering
Item No. HBW-SP90723
45.   Sweater Snowman Spreaders—Set of 4
Four cheese knife/spreaders feature fun Christmas themed handles
Item No. HBW-SP11131
46.   Touch Down Beaded Spreaders—Set of 4
Great for football parties
Item No. HBW-SP12285
47.   Vintage Wine Cork Spreaders—Set of 4
4 assorted wine cork spreaders
Item No. HSP-5197
48.   Wooden Handle Parmesan Cheese Knife
Parmesan cheese knife
Item No. HFN-55115
All prices in US Dollars


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