Elegant, Yet Inexpensive Hand-Held Cheese Accessories

Experience the ease and well-crafted design of our hand-held cheese slicers and cheese knives. Easy, quick and fun ways of adding cheese to your crackers or your favorite breads. Have a late night snack without worrying about sharp, hard to manage knives! Amazing stocking stuffer idea for the holidays or any occasion gift giving.

  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Cutting Wire for Say Cheese Deluxe Wire Cheese Slicer
For Deluxe Hand-Held Wire Cheese Slicer HPR-40H.
Item No. CW-40H
2.   Endurance Stainless Steel Cheese Knives
Set of 5 polished stainless steel cheese knives
Item No. HRS-NIVE5
Sale $19.95
3.   Grip-EZ Cheese Slicer
Firm, easy grip with non-slip ergonomic Santoprene handle
Item No. HNP-EZ170
4.   Grip-EZ Handle Cheese Plane
The perfect tool for slicing slivers of cheese
Item No. HNP-EZ125
5.   Hand-Held Chrome-Plated Cheese Slicer
Well-designed, portable hand-held cheese slicer
Sale $5.95
6.   Professional Adjustable Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer with Extra Wire
Experience the ease and well crafted design of this hand-held cheese slicer.
Item No. HNP-316
Sale $11.95
7.   Spare Cutting Wire for Professional Adjustable Cheese Slicer
For HNP-316 slicer
Item No. CW-316
8.   Be Thankful Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Set of 4 festive autumn spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP69321
9.   Flags Flying Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted flag spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP21739
10.   Sugary Sweet Spreader Set
Set of 4 holiday candy-handled spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP21440
Sale $4.95
11.   Hanukkah Spreader Set--Set of 4
Set of 4 colorful Chanukkah spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP02575
Sale $4.95
12.   Nutcracker Spreaders--Set of 4
Perfect for the holiday season
Item No. HBW-SP47992
Sale $4.95
13.   On The Rocks Spreaders--Set of 4
Delightful spreaders feature penguins
Item No. HBW-SP35765
14.   Fox Run Cheese Knife
Holes in blade keep cheese from sticking to knife. Unique cheese knife
Item No. HFR-6615
15.   Fox Run Wooden Handled Cheese Plane
Stainless steel cheese plane with hardwood handle
Item No. HFR-5034
16.   Assorted Cheeses Spreaders—Set of 4
Hand-painted spreaders depicting various cheeses
Item No. HSP-5015
17.   Breakfast Items Spreaders—Set of 4
4 hand-painted spreaders featuring breakfast items
Item No. HBW-SP12137
18.   Cheese Design Beaded Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with beaded cheese design
Item No. HBW-SP12276
19.   Dice Casino Spreaders—Set of 4
Adorable dice spreaders
Item No. HSP-5058
20.   Flamingo & Friends Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Enchant with a tropical flair
Item No. HBW-SP49361
21.   Gingerbread Man Spreaders—Set of 4
4 gingerbread men--sugar and spice
Item No. HBW-SP32545
22.   Go Golfing Resin Spreaders – Set of 4
Hand painted white golf balls
Item No. HSP-5091
23.   Gourmet Wine and Cheese Design Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with wine bottle, grapes, and cheese designs
Item No. HBW-SP12687
24.   Grape Spreaders, Set of 2
Timeless and elegant
Item No. HSP-00746
25.   Guy Buffet Waiter Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Cheese spreaders with Guy Buffet waiter design
Item No. HBW-SP12169
26.   Harvest DellaRobbia Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Pewter-tone hand-painted turkey spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP53259
27.   Harvest Table Spreaders--Set of 4
Perfect for autumn entertaining or gifts
Item No. HBW-SP71131
28.   Juicy Key Lime Spreader
Colorful lime spreaders
Item No. HSP-5507
29.   Juicy Olives Spreaders – Set of 4
Realistic hand-painted resin handle spreaders
Item No. HSP-5150
30.   Let It Snow Spreaders--Set of 4
4 delightful snowman spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP45752
31.   Let's Go Out To The Ballgame Spreader
Item No. HSP-5513
32.   Let’s Make a Toast Margarita Spreaders–Set of 4
Whimsical margarita cheese spreaders
Item No. HSP-5167
33.   Merry Men Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
4 delightful snowman spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP43391
Sale $6.95
34.   Night Before Christmas Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Whimsical spreaders featuring characters from the Night Before Christmas story
Item No. HBW-SP01900
35.   No Bones About It Spreaders—Set of 4
4 hand-painted dog spreaders
Item No. HBW-SP73930
36.   Picnic Party Watermelon Spreaders--Set of 4
Great for beach parties and any picnic gathering
Item No. HBW-SP32402
37.   Quarterback Spreaders
Score with these amazing football spreaders
Item No. HSP-SP5512
38.   Red & Green Chili Pepper Spreader
Hand-painted chili pepper spreaders
Item No. HSP-5502
39.   Smile and Say Cheese Happy Faces Cheese Knife and Fork Set
3 cheese knives and a cheese fork with cute faces
Item No. HPR-K4F
Sale $15.95
40.   Snowy Owls Spreaders–Set of 4
Adorable ceramic snowy owls
Item No. HBW-SP21169
Sale $5.95
41.   Spicy Chili Peppers Spreader–Set of 4
Realistic hand-painted chili pepper spreaders
Item No. HSP-5001
42.   Summer Pops Cheese Spreaders—Set of 4
Add excitement for your picnic table
Item No. HBW-SP15603
43.   Sunshine Sandals Spreaders--Set of 4
Great for beach parties and any summer gathering
Item No. HBW-SP90723
44.   Sweater Snowman Spreaders—Set of 4
Four cheese knife/spreaders feature fun Christmas themed handles
Item No. HBW-SP11131
45.   Touch Down Beaded Spreaders—Set of 4
Great for football parties
Item No. HBW-SP12285
46.   Vintage Wine Cork Spreaders—Set of 4
4 assorted wine cork spreaders
Item No. HSP-5197
47.   Wooden Handle Parmesan Cheese Knife
Parmesan cheese knife
Item No. HFN-55115
All prices in US Dollars


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