Lightweight, Attractive Wooden Cheese Slicers

Wooden Slicers Make a Great Addition to Any Kitchen
Our wooden cheese slicers are not only beautiful, but also practical and very easy to use. Lightweight enough to take on a picnic, yet elegant enough to double as a convenient serving piece when you entertain.

For the ultimate in convenience, our well-designed round beechwood slicer/server has a built-in recessed tray for serving crackers or fruit along with your sliced cheese. Using it as a convenient serving piece, you can slice the cheese as it is eaten. Each slice can be as thick or thin as you or your guests want, and the cheese stays the freshest possible.

CheeseSlicing is offering unique, premium quality exotic wood cheese slicers handcrafted in the USA. These exceptionally beautiful woods are selected from all over the world, and hand finished by craftsman Roy A. Ciaramella. Harder than traditional woods used for cheese slicer manufacture, these woods are not only more beautiful, but also more durable. Each of the exotic wood cheese slicers lists the Janka hardness, which is a number that indicates how well a wood will withstand dents, dings, and wear. Because each piece is handmade and sanded, the finish is exquisitely smooth and even. One FREE CW-long replacement wire with any choice of the Roy Ciaramella wood slicer.
Enhance Your Kitchen Today with a Wood Cheese Slicer