Replacing the Wire on Your Prodyne Cheese Slicer

1) Position slicer on flat surface as shown in Figure 1.

2) Loosen set screw and turn handle upward as shown by arrow in Figure 1.

3) Using narrow object (such as a nail), push wire fastening pin out.

4) While holding the base, grasp metal bar and gently slide it outward until it clears cutting slot.

5) Remove broken wire pieces.

6) Take new wire and place wire loop into cutting slot. Slide bar back into base passing the bar through wire loop.

7) With handle in raised position as shown in Figure 2, place the other wire loop into handle cavity and reinsert fastening pin passing it through loop.


8) Turn the handle in the direction shown in Figure 2 until it comes to rest. Grasp handle and tighten set screw into metal bar.

9) Gently work bar either into or out of base until the wire is aligned with cutting slot.

Your Gourmet Cheese Slicer is now ready for use.


  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Long Cutting Wire Spare
Spare Long Wire for Prodyne marble and wood cheese slicers
Item No. CW-LONG
2.   Replacement Wire for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer
Spare Wire for our Compact Marble Cheese Slicer with Cutting Slot = 5" in length.
3.   Set of 4 Long Cutting Wires
Set of 4 Long Wires for Prodyne marble and wood cheese slicers
Item No. CSET4-LONG4
4.   Set of 4 Replacement Wires for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer
Set of 4 Spare Wires for our Compact Marble Cheese Slicer
5.   Short Cutting Wire Spare
Spare Short Wire for Prodyne Cheese Slicer Serving Trays and Paddle Board
All prices in US Dollars


Replacing the Wire on Your Compact Marble Cheese Slicer


  1. Unscrew marble handle (B) from retaining nut (C-'stainless steel donut') and remove unit from arm.
  2. Loop one end of the wire into the groove at the base of the arm (A) and othe other end of the wire onto the threads of the handle (B). Screw handle back onto retaining nut.
  3. Slide retaining nut onto arm, aligning wire in groove
  4. Tighten wire by adjusting angle of handle. When taut, screw in handle until it locks against arm.

Note: If the handle is adjusted too tightly, the cheese wire may break.
 Handle mechanism for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer


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