Wires for Prodyne cheese slicers

Is It a Prodyne?
Most Prodyne cheese slicers have a sticker on the bottom identifying them as a Prodyne product. If your cheese slicer has a black or chrome-painted plastic handle with a patent number on it, it is a Prodyne cheese slicer.

Here is an example of the black handle and arm:

 Prodyne black handle and arm
and here is the chrome handle and arm in extreme closeup, showing the manufacturer name and patent number:

 Prodyne chrome handle patent no. 3766817
CW-LONG wires
Prodyne cheese slicers use 2 different wire types. MPR-601MW, MPR-602MB, MPR-603MG, WPR-126B, WPR-805B, WPR-BB120, WPR-MW805, WPR-CB50, WPR-CB60, and LPR-PS2G/R/Y use the CW-LONG wires.

CW-SHORT wires
The cheese slicer serving trays, which are round in shape (Models WPR-912B, WPR-912MG), and the Cheese Paddle Cutting Boared WPR-CP200 use the CW-SHORT wires.

Here are photos of the Prodyne cheese slicers that use short wires. If your Prodyne cheese slicer does NOT look like one of these 3, it uses the CW-LONG wire. If your cheese slicer is one of these, it uses the CW-SHORT wire:
 Cheese slicers that use CW-SHORT wire

Wires for Compact (8×5 in) Marble cheese slicers

CW-CMPCT wires
Compact Marble Cheese Slicers may be made by Fox Run, RSVP International, or other companies. They typically do not have any idenfying marks on them, except they may say Taiwan on a small sticker. Two features determine this kind of cheese slicer: the wire length (5.5 to 5.75 inches) and the handle mechanism. The handle itself is made of marble, with a threaded stainless steel screw coming out of it. This threaded part screws into a small steel circle that looks like a 'stainless steel donut.' While the color of marble may differ, the shape and metal parts of the handle will look like this:

 Handle mechanism for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer

These cheese slicers need a Compact Spare Wire (single: CW-CMPCT, or set of 4: CSET4-CMPCT4)

Wires with Rings on the Ends

CW-NP349, CW-GRY6, CW-NP6.5R
Some cheese slicers have wires with tiny rings on each end, rather than loops. The ends of these wires look like this:
 Ends of wires with rings

The handles of these cheese slicers are either marble, with an embedded female nut, or entirely stainless steel. A stainless steel screw with a place cut out for the wire ring to fit inside screws through a hole in the arm, and into the embedded female area of the marble handle. This assembly looks like this:
 Ring wire handle mechanism

If your handle assembly looks like this, and there are rings on the ends of your wires, which wire you need depends on the length of the wire.

  • If your wire measures 5.0 inches long, you need CW-NP349R
  • If your wire measures 5.5 inches long, you need CW-GRY5
  • If your wire measures 6.5 inches long, you need CW-NP6.5R

The Gray Marble cheese slicer's handle is all stainless steel:
 Gray Marble Cheese Slicer MRS-GRY5 handle

Wires with Knots on the Ends

There are some cheese slicers (models not for sale by CheeseSlicing, LLC) that use 6.5 inch long wires with knots on the ends. One manufacturer of these is Norpro, but they are not usually identified by a company name on the board. The board is usually wood, but may be marble, and the wires look like this on the ends:
 End of wire with knot CW-NP6.5K

and the entire wire shown against a ruler looks like this:
 Norpro wire CW-NP6.5K


My Handle/Wire Doesn't Look Like Any of These

If the handle of your cheese slicer does not look like any of the above examples, if the wire attaches in a different way, or if the length of the wire does not match the lengths shown in the sections above, CheeseSlicing, LLC does NOT carry the correct wire for your cheese slicer. If your cheese slicer is more than 15 years old, or was made in Europe, there is a good chance we do not have a wire for it. We do NOT manufacture custom wires for cheese slicers. Some guests have been able to use piano wire available from a music store or hardware store and make their own, but it is difficult to get the length just right so the tension is correct to cut the cheese (that is why we do not make custom wires for models we do not carry).

If you think you may have a broken wire that matches one of our cheese slicers above, but are not sure, please mail the broken wire, a check for $2 for each wire you need, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, to:

CheeseSlicing Replacement Wire Services
PO Box 242
Sheboygan, WI 53082-0242

Please enclose any information you may have about your cheese slicer (manufacturer, model number, material) and a photo of the handle mechanism if you can send one. We need the self-addressed stamped envelope so that we can return your inquiry to you even if we do not have a wire that fits your cheese slicer. If we do have a wire that fits, we will cash your check and send the wire to you in the envelope you provide. If we do NOT have a wire that fits, we will return everything to you in the enclosed envelope.

If you do NOT enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope, and we can not fill your order, we will NOT return anything to you; your check will be destroyed and the rest of the materials discarded.

Please do NOT ask our customer service representatives on the telephone to try to determine if a wire will fit your cheese slicer. If you can not determine by looking at the images above whether your slicer is one of the models we support, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for us to find out over the phone. Instead, follow the instructions above and mail us the broken wire, information about the slicer, and a photo of the handle mechanism along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Thank you.
 Comparison of all the board-style cheese slicer wires we carry


    Description Price
1.   Long Cutting Wire Spare
Item No. CW-LONG
2.   Set of 4 Long Cutting Wires
Item No. CSET4-LONG4
3.   Short Cutting Wire Spare
4.   Replacement Wire for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer
5.   Set of 4 Replacement Wires for Compact Marble Cheese Slicer
6.   Replacement Wire for Norpro White Marble Slicer Board
Item No. CW-NP349R
7.   Replacement Wire for Gray Marble Slicer
Item No. CW-GRY5
8.   Replacement Cutting Wire with Rings 6.5 Inches
Item No. CW-NP6.5R
9.   Replacement Wire with End Knots 6.5 Inches for Norpro Slicers
Item No. CW-NP6.5K
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